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4science created a multi-media resource showing films at ten locations, from the National Gallery to Rolls Royce, bringing industry to the classroom. Students can watch scientists in a variety of science-based employment – and then carry out practical activities that link their work to the real thing. There are prompts, questions and downloadable classroom activities. The downloadable activities have answers, links to specifications, teaching ideas and technical guidance. The resource, sponsored by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme and the Nuffield Curriculum Centre, supported all September 2006 Applied Science specifications. It is now out of print; but the videos can still be found here 

Free posters showing a variety of engineering jobs, each with associated practical activities that link with 11-14 science curriculums, plus a set of activities linked to the 11-14 design and technology curriculum. Completed for, and available from, Tomorrow's Engineers. The posters and activity sheets can be found here.

Free multi-media resource for 11-14 year olds, with videos and activities to demonstrate that science is used in all sorts of jobs and that a science education can broaden your career options. Completed for the Science Council. Available here.

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Free web-based resource with 72 AfL activities based on chemistry topics. Activities are spread equally between three age ranges: 11-4, 14-16, post-16. Completed for, and available from, the Royal Society of Chemistry. The resource can be found here

Free downloadable resources featuring case studies, design and make assignments and procedures based on real British Standards. Completed for, and available from, the British Standards Institution. The resources can be found here

This multi-media resource – Practical Physics at Work – contains practical activities suitable for 14-16 year olds studying science in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These are supported by video sequences showing how some people use physics in their jobs.

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Engineering Everywhere makes engineering and engineers a transparent feature in the examined curriculum of young people.

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We have worked with the Bitish Science Association for a number of years; we wrote a free database of more than 150 project ideas, followed by 27 'pick up and run' project resources, to support the CREST Awards – a scheme for students aged 11-19 to promote investigative learning and to encourage students to develop links with industry. The online project ideas can be found here

Free. A range of standard chemical analytical procedures, largely based on industrial methods. An EU Leonardo Da Vinci funded project. The procedures can be found here

Free. A range of chemical sciences and environmental science project activities to enable development of skills such as group work, communication and time and resource management. An EU Leonardo Da Vinci funded project. The activities can be found here

Free web-based resource to help students understand the chemistry that underlies biology. Aimed at post-16 students taking biology. Completed for, and available from, the Royal Society of Chemistry. This resource can be found here

Compiled and published by 4science in association with CLEAPSS, more than 70 activities cover the broad spectrum of science at 11-14 level. Each activity is comprehensively annotated with safety information and useful advice for teachers and technicians, to improve practical work. The collection includes original CLEAPSS ideas as well as new, and some familiar, activities: they are all tried and tested. It brings together important practicals and demonstrations that will aid learning and will give teachers confidence in their delivery. This resource is now out of print ... but it will soon be freely available on

4science wrote the content for the London-2012 inspired STEM Challenges. Each one is a competition focusing on a different aspect of the Games, and provides a contextual and cross-curricular approach to studying the STEM subjects at Key Stage Three. The Challenges have now been revised and updated to maintain their relevance after the Games. They can be found at:


Complete interactive activities to test your knowledge. Read summary information for each topic, or download and listen to audio versions. Features: audio for factsheets, crosswords, wordsearches, write and check practice questions, drag and drop labeling of diagrams, tap to reveal answers.
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4science created six packs (teacher notes, lesson plans, activities) for SAPS, called "introducing STEM careers". They can be found here.

4science developed, authored and designed inspirational activities for STEM Ambassadors and teachers to engage students in Biology topics, from super-strength glue to investigating the decline of conker trees. The activities cover introducing the topic, how to present the activity, structuring the session, equipment and health and safety notes. They can be found here


4science has written a number of activity packs for National Science and Engineering Week, all for the British Science Association. An example of a primary pack, with interactive PDF and 'homemade' videos, can be found here. Other actvity packs - such as Rockin Crystals and Musical Moods - can be found here

4science devised and mnaged an award-winning London-2012 inspired education programme for GlaxoSmithKline. It consisted of: more than 20 university events for 11-14 year olds, each with an Olympic athlete, workshops and eminent lecturers; a Nationwide anti-doping challenge; a website with free resources and careers profiles; a micro-site, called Journey of a Sample, which linked hands-on school practicals to what actually happens in an anti-doping laboratory; a presence at the Big Bang Fair; numerous events and workshops at GSK sites; materials for Ambassadors to take into schools ... and more! The programme was awarded a Gold Medal in the category "Outstanding Learning through the 2012 Games". Scientists in Sport is no longer managed by 4science, but you can see our involvement in our archives, here.